First jazz, blues and funk workshop
at Landgut Breibach, January Sa. 25th - Su. 26th 2014

Dear musicians,
We friendly invite you to participate in the first jazz, blues and funk workshop at Landgut Breibach from 25th to 26th of January. It is suitable for every age group from the beginner to the advanced. The workshops are organized in small groups (6-8 participants) and held by our dedicated teachers. In addition the Breibach estate invites you to enjoy the jam-sessions in spacious premises with other musicians. For that very special instruments, such as Hammond organ and Fender Rhodes Mark I will be at your disposal, too. The pastoral location of Landgut Breibach and the tasteful and healthy cooking, that is served will help you to focus entirely on the creative work. For those who are attending on both days we suggest an overnight stay in one of the lovely rooms of the estate and to savour our breakfast on Sunday in a relaxed atmosphere.

Enrolment and information:

Enrol until 21rst of January via e-mail to
Every cours is limited to 8 participants.
Please include information on the course of your choice, your instrument and a brief self-assessment in the e-mail.
If you have any questions about the workshop, please don't hesitate to call on Norman Peters at +49 1578 9599070

The teachers:

Stephan Becker

SA 12 am - 7 pm or SU 10 am - 3 pm

Stephan Becker Stephan Becker is not only an outstanding jazz pianist, but he knows to convince as an instrumental educator as well. His jazz trio, the "Stephan Becker Trio" is one of the most requested trios in Germany. His recent CD "Urban Poems" was announced CD of the week by the programme "Play Jazz!" of the NDR (North German Broadcast). His four hours class addresses to beginners of improvisation, "classicists" and advanced on all instruments (piano, bass, guitar, wind instruments). Players of all levels will get a clear guidance to enhance their possibilities of improvisation. Exercises on aspects like harmony, technique and rhythm will be taught. Pianists will get the special chance of being introduced to stride piano, walking bass and boogie-woogie style piano. Class will be held in two parts. Part A is about general issues and exercises on improvisation in jazz and blues. During part B you will get individual lessons, that will respond specifically to the questions of every attendant. Those who are not having their turn can profit from observation in the meantime.
"Urban Poems", suggested on

Alex Olivari

SA 2 pm - 3:30 pm or SU 12 am - 2:30 pm

Alex Olivari We are happy, that we were able to engage Alex Olivari, well known in the scene and appreciated especially for his groove-guitar, for our workshop. Alex Olivari has played with the bigband of the WDR (West German Broadcast) and the Helmut-Zerlett-band and is on stage frequently with Cologne's old hand Tommy Engel. His two hours class addresses to all guitarists from the beginner to the advanced. Directly on the instrument he will show the participants various styles from funk, rock, pop and blues à la Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, James Brown, Tower of Power and so on. He will respond intensively and individually to the playing techniques and questions of the participants.
Audio demos on

Joss Lehmkuhl

SA 5 pm - 7 pm or SU 12 am - 3 pm

Joss Lehmkuhl Look out, all y' drummers! It's great to welcome Joss Lehmkuhl to our teacher's team. Joss Lehmkuhl is drumming all around the jazz and funk scene of Cologne. His class addresses to all drummers who intend to discover or enhance their skills on the subject of jazz, funk and improvising. In so doing he will explain playing techniques and he will be on hand with help and advice for the participants. Furthermore Joss provides you an insight to the world of percussion instruments, namely congas, timbales and so on.
Flow with Joss Lehmkuhl on the drums on


Piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond organ + Leslie, Korg SV-1, 6 guitar amps (2xEngl, Laney, 2xPeavey, Marshall, Egnater), Peavey bass amp, E-guitar, acoustic guitar, E-bass, upright bass, PA system, drum set (Gretsch)


(without accomodation)
Improvisation jazz & bluesAll instrumentsSa. 4h + dinner65 €
So. 4h + lunch60 €
Rhythm-, blues- & funk guitarE-guitarSa. 2h + dinner45 €
Su. 2h + lunch40 €
Creative Drummingdrum set andSa. 2 h + dinner45 €
percussionSu. 2h + lunch40 €
composite classSa. 6h + dinner90 €
Improvisation & rhythm guitarSo. 6h + lunch85 €

Accomodationin a SRfull board*65 €
(without class)in a DR (p.p.)full board*55 €

Classes +Bundle 1:6h class (4h + 2h)
accomodationin a SRfull board*125 €
in a DRfull board*110 €

Bundle 2:4h class
in a SRfull board*105 €
in a DRfull board*90 €

*full board includes dinner, breakfast and lunch
all classes complete with coffee, tea and snacks

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