Welcome to the Breibach estate

Landgut Breibach

The Breibach estate is located in the vicinity of cologne (about 19 miles) within the appealing 'Bergische Land' belonging to the township Kürten. It's calm, sunny location in a woodland without through traffic, with nice hiking trails invites you to leisure, recreation and variegated activities.
Only 1.000 yd to the next bus stop the estate is comfortably within reach by urban railway and bus.
This house, built in 'Bergisch'-style and rich in tradition is suitable for:

The 'Landgut Breibach' is under a private management since 2007. From that on the building, the rooms and the outside areas get gently renovated and embellished step by step. In doing so the estate's rural character shall be preserved by all means.