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August 2012 - 19.08.2012 Sunday

'Gitarren - Serenade auf Landgut Breibach'

In front of the scenery of the Breibach valley, in an ambience which already HRH princess Alice of Greece, mother of HRH prince Philipp, Duke of Edinborough highly appreciated, we will witness some most delicate guitar sounds.
Andreas Herzau plays pieces of classical, romantic and modern era.
Also enjoy our homemade bits such as quiche and cake with a cup of coffee or chosen wines.

Andreas Herzau dedicates this concert to his friend and admirer, the London composer James Stevens, who passed away on 26th of June in old age in London.
[Letter from James Stevens to Andreas Herzau.]

Andreas Herzau plays
prelude No.4 by Heitor Villa Lobos.

Review by the 'Solinger Tageblatt' (german)

Further commentaries of the german press:

Great art on the guitar in the 'Spiegelsaal'
...The incredible technique is part of this union of music and interpreter... It was mesmerizing to watch the moving hand's play which by plucking the strings, by stroking soft glissandi summoned the most tender pianissimi, then again conjured forth an orchestral richness by arpeggiated chords and a firm grasp with runs, fast vibrati and tremolo-effects reminding of a violin, but which did nothing but pushing on the sound of the guitar to it's utmost possibilities. And all that integrated into a recital, whose nearly physically sensible intesity created a breathless silence all along a hot summer's eve.
'Südkurier' about Andreas Herzau's guest appearance at the 'Meersburger Schlosskonzerte'

"...Herzau's repertoire of tone colours is amazing. The dynamic sensitivity of his playing isn't less impressive... with nearly beethovian pathos... a musician full of spirit..."
HiFi Stereophonie

"... special flair... the suite by Tárrega, beautiful genuine guitar-music, appears as if clad in a veil of poetry and delicateness . . . what is commonly understood as Spanish temper is put last. Instead one could hear a delicate sensitive caring for the already broken spanish aura of this music..."
Bonner Rundschau

...in the convincing way, that creative power, musical intuition and a particular empathy conjoined with technical perfection, well creativity and tonal ingenuity, it had a most lasting effect, which now and then has touched the sound-magic... his sound pattern meets all nuances from meditative tenderness and tragedy to rythmical brisance, associating the euphoria...
Rheinische Post